Save The Whale House Shirts

Your purchase of a shirt, hoodie, or onesie will help repair and maintain Naay I'waans, "The Great House", Chief Son-i-Hat's Whale House--the only remaining traditional Haida building in the United States.

Jacob onesie Dorthy and Jacob
Black Hoodie   T-Shirts

Note: Pullover hoodies have design on the front. Zip hoodies have the design on the back and the words, "Save the Whale House" on the front left. Shipping extra.

All Hoodies, Adult and Youth are $45.00

Adult T-Shirts are $25.00
Youth, Toddler, Infant T-shirts and Onesies are $15.00

Adult Tye Dye Shirts are $27.00
Youth, Toddler, Infant and Onesie Tye Dye Shirts are $17.00
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Youth Tye Dye T-Shirt Sizes
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