The Organized Village of Kasaan offices are closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our staff is teleworking and can be reached individually through the website directory. For general questions, call the OVK Administrator,

Marina Anderson

(907) 617-9711

or email



Kasaan Residents

if you need a COVID-19 test and cannot drive to the clinic, call Marina Anderson to  arrange an appointment and receive one at your home

Please call if you have any questions, we are happy to help you.

What We are Doing

The Organized Village of Kasaan Transit driver is picking up groceries every Friday from the Thorne Bay Market for Kasaan residents. To place an order for grocery pick-up, please call the Thorne Bay Market (907-828-3306) and have your items paid for and ready by Friday. For more questions regarding grocery pick-up please call the Organized Village of Kasaan Administrator, Marina Anderson, at 907-617-9711.



Our offices, rental cabins, Tribal Hall, café and tours are not operating during the COVID-19 Pandemic to limit the potential spread of the virus.


We will be keeping local bulletin boards, our website and social media updated with COVID-19 news and publications.


What You Can Do

Adhere to social distancing guidelines including regular hand-washing, keeping a minimum of six feet of distance between you and members outside of your small social circle, wear a face mask in public and get tested and quarantine if you are feeling COVID-19 symptoms.


Place grocery orders through the Organized Village of Kasaan's provided grocery pick-up system to limit the potential spread of the virus locally.


Keep informed through the listed resource links regarding COVID-19.

Resource Links:




World Health Organization






Peace Health



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