COVID Relief Heat Pump Application

This is a one-time, needs-based program that will provide one heat pump and installation per tribal citizen household with unexpected expenses due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 


Tribal citizens who were enrolled with OVK on or before 9/20/2021, who are 18 years or older and live on Prince of Wales Island are eligible to apply on behalf of their household. 

 Application Deadline: December 10, 2021 

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PROVISIONS FOR OVK ENROLLED MINOR CHILDREN: Minor children under the age of 18 who are enrolled in the Organized Village of Kasaan, whose legal guardians are non OVK Tribal Citizens are also eligible for this program. The non OVK Tribal Citizen may apply on behalf of the Minor Child, but must provide documentation proving guardianship of the child, such as certificate of adoption, adopted birth certificate, or foster parent documentation. Only one application per household shall be permitted regardless of how many OVK enrolled minor children live in the household.

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Terms and Conditions

  • A confirmation email or text will be sent to the email or cell provided, when your application has been received.

  • The Organized Village of Kasaan will schedule your installation with a licensed contractor

  • Tribal citizen or their designee must be home when delivery and installation is made.

  • One heat pump and installation will be provided for each household.

  • The tribal citizen will coordinate with the contractor on any necessary upgrades to home for safe and efficient installation.

  • This is a onetime needs-based assistance, OVK is not required to provide this assistance in the future.

  • The OVK is not liable for any costs incurred after instillation.(e.g., heating bills)

  • All MAILED applications must be post marked by December 5, 2021

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Emergency Assistance Appeal Process
•A dated written appeal shall be submitted to the O.V.K. in person, via mail, or email.

•Within one week the President will call a Special Meeting and go directly into Executive Session to form a plan to rectify the issue.

•The citizen with the grievance will have the opportunity to speak directly to the council at the Special Meeting.

•The citizen will be notified by the President within 72 hours after the Special Meeting of any proposed grievance resolution.