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With this Tourism season taking such a turn our department is looking at innovative ways to share our culture & history with the world digitally with virtual workshops, class courses, tours and more!

The Culture & History Technician, Michael Jones, will be conducting a series of virtual interviews through this summer to gather all of the knowledge and history he can for the Kasaan Archives, if you know of anyone who has such knowledge feel free to contact him via email (mikej@kasaan.org)

The Culture & History Youth Employee, Jacob Fisher, has been arranging questions to interview for a project supporting the preservation of cedar, working with a set of OVK partners to secure the scarce wood for future generations.

The Culture & History Director has been hard at work fulfilling the role as IT during this completely digital time, ensuring the Organized Village of Kasaan is able to conduct its daily work while remaining socially distant and working remotely.

Michael Chilton

Organized Village of Kasaan - Culture & History Director

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