Tribal Conservation District

Officially recognized by U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resource Conservation Service in 2014, the POW-TCD has federally recognized Tribes: 


And Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, or “ANCSA” Village Corporations: 


Unified to protect Natural Resources. With equal representation, our Top 10 Natural Resource related concerns are: 


  1. The reduction in our annual salmon returns

  2.  “Our” herring, herring roe and herring roe on kelp stock 

  3. Sustaining our clean drinking water 

  4. “Our” future role in natural resource co-management efforts with local, state, federal and private agencies 

  5. “Our” Sitka black tail deer population and its ecosystem 

  6. How the Endangered Species Act can affect “our” customary & traditional harvesting and gathering 

  7. The commercialization of “our” natural resources

  8.  Climate change and how it can negatively affect our natural resources 

  9. Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) and Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) and how they can affect our Food Safety & Security 

  10. Balanced and sustainable environment regarding effective removal of invasive or noxious plants, birds, wildlife and sea plants. 


POW-TCD will create a Long-term Conservation Plan, so natural resources can be plentiful- 7 generations from now. Qualifying for agreements under USDA will help us achieve our goals on Village Corporation land only. We can’t use USDA funds to improve USDA land (Fact: approximately 76% of POW is owned by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture). 


TCD’s blend Traditional Ecological Knowledge with Western Science, so a balanced approach is taken to achieve our objectives. We can accomplish this with “qualified local hire”. This approach assures that we can transition from industrial employment to stewardship. 

Environmental Planner

Dennis Nickerson


(907) 617-9952

Environmental Technician

Machelle Edenshaw


(907) 401-3073