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I am Renae West, the Victim Advocate for the village of Kasaan.
I am originally from the island of Jamaica, but I moved to Kasaan in  2018.  I have fallen in love with this beautiful little village  and will do my best to leave a positive mark. I am here to assist individuals experiencing  domestic violence, sexual assault, sex  trafficking, stalking among other crimes that are perpetrated against Native American/Alaska Native women. 


Alaska has the highest rate of domestic violence and sexual assault in the United States of America;  with Native American/Alaska Native women being most likely to suffer from these crimes.

 The Kasaan Victim Advocate program was created to assist these individuals in Kasaan  and nearby communities. The program aims to support victims and bring awareness to issues present in our communities.


Crisis Intervention

The advocate provides immediate field and office crisis intervention services to victims of crime by assessing their need for emergency services  and providing follow up to ensure victim needs are being met.


Emotional Support

The advocate advises and supports victims in order to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.

Victims can call anytime they need someone to talk to.



The advocate serves as liaison between the victim and law enforcement, judicial agencies and legal representatives.

The advocate escorts victims to court proceedings upon request and keep them informed of the status of legal actions and legal procedures.

For resources and helpful information

The Organized Village of Kasaan recognizes April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Child Abuse Prevention Month.

To show support staff wore teal which is the color for sexual assault awareness and blue which is the color for child abuse prevention


Kasaan Victim Advocate

Renae West

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