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Guided Tours
Whale House - Náay I'waans 
Totem Trail Park 


Our Tours 

Join us for a guided tour of the Totem Park and Náay I'waans Whale House. Our tour will guide you through the park and explain the history of each pole then conclude the tour by taking you inside the Whale House. This is a sacred and historical site to the Haida and the community. 

What Does a Tour Include?

Price: $40 per person

Length of Tour: Up to 2 hours  

Special Moments:

View 100+  year old poles originating from old Kasaan, wildlife crossing your path as your walk the trail

to the Náay Í’waan big house.  Exclusive Information given by a Haida descendant in a small group who will share their perspective, ancestry, and history of their homeland.  

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