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Our Team

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Mike Jones 

Tribal President 

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Glenn "Stormy" Hamar 

Sargent At Arms 

Green Forest

Della Coburn

Member At Large 


Beth Taylor

Member At Large 

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Randi Braz

Tribal Vice President 

Tree Trunk Texture

Ron Leighton

Member At Large 

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Dorothy Smith

Temporary Treasurer 

Tribal Council 


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Kris Kain

Tribal Administrative Assistant 


Teri Feibel

Finance & Grants Manager

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Alyssa Fischer 

Tribal Administrator

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LaNeice Congdon

Tribal Court Administrator

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Andy West

Tribal Court - Community Wellness Coordinator

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Carol Fletcher 

Indian General Assistance Program Manager (IGAP)

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Rose Ruel

IGAP Assistant

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Eric Hamar

Carving Shed Watchman


Machelle Edenshaw 

Environmental Technician in the Tribal Conservation District & Tribal Stewardship Consortium

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Randy Stutzman

Maintenance Manager 

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 7.55_edited.jpg

Mike Jones



Dennis Nickerson

Environmental Planner in the Tribal Conservation District & Tribal Stewardship Consortium

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Jon Carle

Sentinel Technician

Yellow Flowers

John Huestis

Interim Transportation Director 

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Tony Savage

Transportation - Project Manager

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Tim Willis

IT Technician


Naomi Murphy

Transportation - Assistant


Sean Murphy

Transportation - Lead Operator

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Shana Sullivan


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