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Tribal Stewardship Consortium

Prince of Wales Tribal Stewardship Consortium (POW-TSC) was formed in 2014 with support from the Tribal Councils of: 


• Craig Tribal Association

• Hydaburg Cooperative Association

• Klawock Cooperative Association

• Organized Village of Kasaan  

With funding secured from the Environmental Protection Agency- Indian Environmental General Assistance Program, or “EPA-IGAP”. “POW-TSC” assists with planning and implementing local environmental issues such as solid waste reduction, environmental stewardship, ambient & indoor air quality. 

POW-TSC also assists with annual events, such as POW Earth Day Fair for students/residents and the Electronics Recycling. We also participate in other events such as community trash pickups, POW Marathon Mile Trash Pickup (we do two miles), beach cleanups & river clean ups.

Environmental Planner

Dennis Nickerson

(907) 617-9952

Environmental Technician

Machelle Edenshaw

(907) 401-3073

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